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Are you dismayed that our major news organizations seem unwilling to stand up for truth and democracy? Upset that FOX poisons our national debate? Searching for alternatives to corporate media that treats us merely as consumers, and not citizens in need of substantive information about the problems we face?
Please help us fight for better media in the public interest with a donation.

We’ve built a Local Journalism Directory to help you find and support local news. We’re petitioning the FCC to decide whether the Murdoch family should be allowed to retain a license for broadcast TV. And we’re comparing our Pro-Democracy Election Coverage Guidelines to ongoing coverage so you can make more informed decisions about the news you consume.
We need your help funding our fight for a healthier information ecosystem.

Because we’re an all-volunteer, non-profit, non-partisan organization, all donations go directly to fighting for a better media.

Can we count on you to donate today? 

If you have ever wished that FOX had less influence, if you ever wanted to tell corporate media execs to stand up for democracy, and if you’ve been looking for an organization thinking about ways to achieve healthier, happier outcomes for all, now is your chance to pitch in. 

Please donate to help us fight.
You Can Help

The Media and Democracy Project is a 501(c)4 nonprofit organization — your donation is highly appreciated but is not tax-deductible. Join us and let’s fight on, together.

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