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About Us

We are an all volunteer grassroots community that formed in 2020 that:

  • Promotes civic engagement to demand a more informative and pro-democracy media​

  • Believes it is essential that media meet the critical information needs of citizens as an essential bulwark of an inclusive representative democracy​

  • Fights for truth, context and transparency in journalism

  • ​Counters disinformation, supports local and non-profit journalism, and spreads pro-democracy messaging

  • ​Hosts thought leaders to discuss and highlight important problems and workshop actionable steps and long-term solutions (see list of special events here)

Leadership Team:

Holley Atkinson, Carolyn Barclift, Albert Franklin, Brian Hansbury, Noelle Pellowski, Jonathan Reiss, Milo Vassallo, Cecily Young

Contact Us:

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