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About Us

We are a non-partisan, all-volunteer, grassroots civic membership organization fighting for a more informative and pro-democracy media operating in the public interest.
We Believe

We Believe

A well-informed citizenry is the foundation of a democratic society. News and media affect our opinions, voting decisions, degree of civic engagement, and ultimately shape the health of our government and society.


Deregulation and technological upheavals have left the crucial work of informing Americans in the hands of corporations with profit directives and political agendas. They often seek to entertain and distract, while failing to provide the accurate and relevant information Americans need to understand the world around us.  

We Advocate

We Advocate

Civic Engagement developing actionable steps to demand more informative and pro-democracy media (see our Letter To The Editor Rubric).

Supporting Local and Non-Profit Journalism

(see our 50-state, searchable Local Journalism Directory).

Legislative and Regulatory Solutions establish media infrastructure that meets America’s information needs (see our Comment Letter to the FCC).

Media Criticism 

...and accountability to highlight failures of corporate media with a goal of improving the quality of journalism.

Countering Disinformation and Spreading
Pro-Democracy Messaging

Amplifying and Learning

...from media and democracy thought leaders who discuss and highlight important problems (see our Special Events).

Creating and Sharing

...our own data-based research and resources on the failings of corporate media (see our Sunday Shows Project).

…all in the pursuit of a better-informed electorate. 

We Empower

We Empower

...with tools for critical thinking, giving media consumers the ability to understand the realities behind misleading headlines and clickbait, while encouraging individuals and groups to engage and take action.

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The Media and Democracy Project leadership team is Milo Vassallo, Jonathan Reiss, Noelle Pellowski, Brian Hansbury and a number of other dedicated volunteer members.

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