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Climate Emergency Coverage

Demand more truth and context in reporting about the climate emergency.
Ask journalists, editors and media outlets to do better.
Become an engaged consumer of information.

In our 11th hour to make meaningful change, after decades of failure, American news media must convey the urgency of our climate emergency. The frames and words they choose, and whether they connect extreme weather to our impending catastrophe, shapes people's understanding of the threat. News media can be champions of action or fail humanity by suppressing enthusiasm for change.​

If you see poor coverage - take action! Use the facts and figures in our guide below to: 

  • Send an email to the journalist or the media organization!

  • Tweet at them directly (really, engage them via all your social media)

  • Write a Letter to the Editor. 

​BONUS: When you see excellent climate emergency coverage, thank that journalist and amplify their work. And be sure to amplify this guide by sharing it with everyone you know.

Download and share our infographic guide
Climate Media Coverage
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