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Sign On Letter

Supporting Our Petition to the FCC to Deny Fox 29′s Broadcast License


On July 3, 2023, the Media and Democracy Project (MAD) filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) a Petition to Deny the broadcast license renewal application for Fox Corp-owned television station FOX 29 Philadelphia (WTXF-TV).


As an FCC broadcast licensee, WTXF-TV, one of Fox Television Stations’ 29 FOX subsidiary broadcast stations, has a basic statutory duty to conduct its operations in the public interest. Our petition argues that the election lies aired on Fox News “shock the conscience,” and that Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch’s lack the charter to remain public interest broadcast licensees. 


We’re joined by a bipartisan group of FCC and media veterans who agree that the FCC cannot allow the Murdochs to continue as licensees of the public airwaves. As a result, the FCC has opened our petition to public comment—a rare step that demonstrates the Commission’s seriousness. 


Join us in calling for an FCC hearing into FOX Broadcast License. Your voice matters!


Sign on to our letter as an individual or as an organization. Copies of the letter are available for download.

Please note: Only your first name, organization (if applicable) city and state will be displayed in the public-facing letter. Example: Jane from Anytown, State.

How are you signing?

Thank you for making a difference!

BRIZ internal note to MAD - if anyone has experience in google forms, let me know. it seems like it charges $ per signature line, and seems buggy. I would be more comfortable using WIX and not another platform but goggle docs CAN be embedded.

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